My Favorite Client Call


I want to tell you about my favorite kind of call to get, because I just got off the phone with a client asking me some questions, and I just enjoy this kind of a conversation. Hopefully, it will tell you a couple of things about BP Media Solutions; the kind of things that we do for our clients, and also a little bit about what makes us tick here at BP Media.

So, the call went something like this, “Hey, Brian, I have a little extra budget. Should I put it into this media or into that media?” The concept is around some advertising that we’re already doing. Some of it’s working really well. There’s another option for this client that they potentially could spend their money on, and the client needed to know, which way do I go?


It led to a really cool conversation about who their audience is, and what kind of an audience consumes the certain media platform that they were thinking about, and is that the place they want to put their money? Also, it’s about ROI. If you do increase your budget over here, how are you going to know for sure that it’s working?

Trust & Respect

So, it was a really good conversation. The thing about it that I really liked wasn’t the opportunity to really talk marketing philosophy with my client. It’s the fact that my client called because they trust my judgment and they want to know more about what I thought about the decision they should make. For me, and for us at BP Media Solutions, trust and respect are the most important things. It’s more important for me that our clients trust us and that we have mutual respect than almost anything else we do.

We Answer the Phone

So the fact that the client wanted my opinion because he trusts my opinion, and the level of respect that is there is strong as well, that’s the kind of conversation and relationship I like to have with our clientele, because this is personal. You can call just about anybody, anywhere and put together some kind of a marketing subcontractor conversation with them. If they’re three hours away from you, and we would love to have clients that are outside our time zone, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the accountability. The fact that the person can call, I pick up the phone and they get their answer right away. Instead of you having to wait another cycle if they’re 12 hours away, if you’ve gone international, or three hours away because they’re on the East Coast. We answer the phone. We’re right here. We have the conversation. There’s trust, there’s respect, and then there’s a decision. That is my very favorite client call.


About the Author Brian Prawitz, owner of BP Media Solutions.

Brian’s passion for customer service led to the creation and launch of BP Media Solutions in May of 2015. “Going the extra mile, providing face-to-face accountability, and exceeding goals are all things I live for.” Brian spent 25 years in radio as an award-winning news and sports announcer in Seattle, Missoula, Montana, and Roseburg, Oregon. He spent 18 months in the Marketing Department at Seven Feathers Casino Resort before BP Media Solutions was born.

Brian and his wife Jannie were empty nesters for about three months before welcoming all three of their grown daughters and one son-in-law home from various colleges in 2020. They love camping, theater, Disneyland, and (Brian loves) golf.

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