More Than A Client

Hi, this is Brian from BP Media Solutions. We were just talking about the value of clients and customers to BP Media Solutions. It’s not about the value monetarily. For us, our clients, our customers quickly become part of our family, mostly because I don’t do anything impersonally. Everything I do is personal, and some people would say that’s a terrible way to run a business. It’s the only way I know how to operate. So, we work very closely with business owners.
You Can’t Buy Them 
I also have an appreciation for what it means for a business owner to welcome in our company as part of the management team at a business. That takes an incredible amount of trust and respect. Those are two things that we treasure at BP Media Solutions because I treasure those two things personally. Trust and respect, you can’t buy them. It takes a lot of time to earn it, and they can be easily broken if you don’t protect them.
What Makes Us Different?
Clients, customers, members of our family, we like to say sometimes, they’re so important to us because of the trust required, the respect that’s required to do business. For us, it may start with a small task, but it will grow usually very quickly into other details where you learn about the passion the owner has, the backstory, how did they get here, and why they’re bringing us on. Those are all so important. And when somebody does bring us on as a member of the team, we take that relationship very seriously. It’s the sort of thing that I think makes BP Media different.

About the Author Brian Prawitz, owner of BP Media Solutions.
Brian’s passion for customer service led to the creation and launch of BP Media Solutions in May of 2015. “Going the extra mile, providing face-to-face accountability, and exceeding goals are all things I live for.” Brian spent 25 years in radio as an award-winning news and sports announcer in Seattle, Missoula, Montana, and Roseburg, Oregon. He spent 18 months in the Marketing Department at Seven Feathers Casino Resort before BP Media Solutions was born.

Brian and his wife Jannie were empty nesters for about three months before welcoming all three of their grown daughters and one son-in-law home from various colleges in 2020. They love camping, theater, Disneyland, and (Brian loves) golf.

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