Johnny Cash

This is Brian with BP Media Solutions. One of my favorite movie scenes is from Walk the Line. It’s the scene when Johnny Cash goes down to the recording studio and he’s playing his song and the guy stops him and he goes, “What are you doing?” Johnny Cash was like, “I’m singing this song.” The record studio owner says, “Do you want me to just record another song and play it out there? It’s not going to sell. I’m not going to record this song.” Johnny Cash is really upset and he tells him, “Well, you didn’t let me bring it home.” The record producer guy says, “Let me bring it home for you.”

Just Another Person

“If you were to get hit by a truck and you’re lying out there in that gutter and you have one song to sing, one thing to say to anybody that would listen, are you telling me that that’s what you would tell them?” In this scene, the camera zooms in and Johnny Cash kind of straightens up a little bit, and then he looks back in the camera, and he starts singing Ring of Fire. It was the moment when Johnny Cash became Johnny Cash. Before he was just another person with a guitar.

Your Opportunity

This pertains to marketing in the following way. If you just had one second, one more opportunity to tell people about your business, one shot to let everybody know exactly what it was, the reason behind your business, the thing you’re selling, the passion you have for selling and for servicing and for presenting your product, what would it be? What would that message be?

It would need to be straight to the point, and authentic, and accurate, and compelling. And that’s the message you should be putting out in your marketing and we can help you with that message. So that when you do catch someone’s ear, you make it stick, you make it count just like Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. And that’s what BP Media Solutions can do for you. We love creating messaging that makes a difference that people can hear and we can do that for your business, so give us a call.


About the Author Brian Prawitz, owner of BP Media Solutions.

Brian’s passion for customer service led to the creation and launch of BP Media Solutions in May of 2015. “Going the extra mile, providing face-to-face accountability, and exceeding goals are all things I live for.” Brian spent 25 years in radio as an award-winning news and sports announcer in Seattle, Missoula, Montana, and Roseburg, Oregon. He spent 18 months in the Marketing Department at Seven Feathers Casino Resort before BP Media Solutions was born.

Brian and his wife Jannie were empty nesters for about three months before welcoming all three of their grown daughters and one son-in-law home from various colleges in 2020. They love camping, theater, Disneyland, and (Brian loves) golf.

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