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Digital services combo gives small businesses control of their online presence – anywhere in the world

BP Media Digital Marketing Baseline

Whether you want it or not, your business has a presence on the internet.

BP Media Solutions works with businesses to control and improve their digital presence, and it’s much easier than most people think.

With the purchase of one package from BP Media, your business will:

“This is a basic step for business owners to take so they know they are addressing their online presence,” said BP Media owner Brian Prawitz. “Our Baseline package requires very little input from the business owner or their managers, and puts them back in control.”

Online Listings – 

Websites you have never heard of list businesses like yours without regard for the accuracy of the information they are posting.

As a business owner, you should be concerned about incorrect information on the internet for a number of reasons, including avoiding confusion for people trying to find you and damaging your SEO for starters.

Take Control of Google My Business – 

Google My Business has become an interrupter in the search process.

The vast majority of people trying to find you online only want your phone number, location, and hours of operation. Now, your GMB profile appears in the search results, providing that information to potential customers before they ever reach your company’s website. They get the information they are looking for and go on their way.

This is why it is imperative for small business owners to claim their Google My Business profile and provide GMB with accurate information.


Another place you have a digital presence whether you like it or not is in reviews. Google and Facebook are popular places for people to leave reviews for your business. Like a little kid who covers their eyes and thinks they are invisible, people can see your reputation even if you ignore it.

Those reviews are there, making an impact whether you read them or not. When a new review appears, you need to know about it. You especially need to know if a review appears and it isn’t good.

Time is of the essence. It is imperative you respond to good and bad reviews quickly in order to maintain a level of trust and credibility with people who look you up online.

Live Chat –

In the search process, once people find you, they are usually ready to buy. If someone comes to your website and has a question, you want to be able to respond right away. People’s level of trust in a contact form is very low. I know I have left messages in a few fields and hit send, only to get an error message, or no response for a week.

That’s not going to cut it.

Once a potential customer finds your website and has questions, sometimes they are making a decision on who to do business with in that moment.

Much better is a live chat option on your site.

This is why we are adding a live chat option to the websites of our clients. Our chat will send contact information to a designated person in real time when someone has a question.

The BP Media Solutions Baseline package has been built to include the most crucial services we offer for digital marketing at a rock bottom price. To do business in 2023, all four of these elements need to be in tune in order for you to know your digital presence has been handled – but more than that, so you know your digital presence is working hard for you.

Listing Sync Brochure – Identifies and corrects information about your business on websites across the internet, maintaining accuracy and making you easier to find.

Google My Business setup –Claim and update the information on your GMB profile and monitor the traffic your profile receives.

Reputation Management – Stay informed about new reviews that come in from Google and Facebook, make it easier for you to respond and easier for satisfied customers to leave reviews.

Chat Essentials – A live chat widget on your (WordPress) website, giving people a direct line to someone who can answer questions in real time, through email or text messages.

One of the most important steps for business owners is to take the first step into controlling their digital presence. The BP Media Solutions Baseline Digital Marketing Package make the first step easy.

Contact Brian today to discuss your business presence.

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