Why We Shifted Our Sales Pitch And You Should Too


For the longest time, my employees here at BP Media Solutions, our team, keeps asking me, when am I going to erase this dry erase board? I’ve kept it because this scribble in this corner came from an awesome conversation I had with Trevor Mauch over a year ago. This has been up here for more than a year. I’m actually kind of surprised it comes off as easy as it does.

Kudos to Trevor

Trevor Mauch is the CEO of a company called Carrot, check out Carrot.com. Carrot is a software lead generation company that produces leads through websites for real estate investors and real estate agents around the country. He happens to run right now one of the hottest small businesses in the United States and in Oregon, he’s one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs in the state. He happens to be here in downtown Roseburg. He happens to be in the building and we happen to be friends and I learned from him all of the time.

One day I was talking to him about sales and I was talking to him about the way to approach people and to talk to them about our services at BP Media Solutions and this is something that can transfer to any business, it can transfer to your business and here’s what Trevor Mauch told me. It was so good. He jotted it down and I haven’t erased it. My team here at BP Media would like to erase this whiteboard and the only way for me to do that is to capture this in a blog. That’s why I’m sharing it with you right now.

Bond Levies

I’m hoping two things. I’m hoping that you might be able to put this into use in what you do. It’s a little more insight into what we do at BP Media Solutions and how we look at a problem. The best example for us here in this continuum is how we approach bond levies. So I’m going to use that analogy as I go through this.

Any product you have a sales process you go through and you’re trying to defeat the enemy. What is the enemy? Sometimes the enemy is you’re hungry and you want a hamburger and you’re looking for the best hamburger. Sometimes the enemy is potentially a security threat on your computer, and you need to be protected. Whatever the enemy is, you’re solving that problem for people. So, where people make the mistake though, is they start way down the strategy with the actual product, instead of starting back a little bit further with the enemy, and the current thinking and the way of thinking that people are using.

So for us, for bond levies, the current way people are approaching bond levies, at least in Southern Oregon has been a little bit haphazard. It hasn’t been consistent. Maybe there’s some polling, but not any good looking marketing that goes with it. Maybe there’s good looking marketing, but no polling, maybe the pack doesn’t get formed up there. There are big chunks in a bond levy campaign that are necessary for it to be successful. BP Media puts them all together so that when you hire us, we have the entire thing from polling to election day mailed and the school district and the superintendent don’t necessarily have to be the ones carrying the water.

The Shift

So there’s a shift. The current way to do things is, the enemy and the new vision, is the concept behind the widget you’re trying to sell. For us the new vision is that smart school districts and superintendents are hiring somebody to manage the entire project.

Then at the end, the fifth domino is all the case evidence. You break out the case studies and you say, see what’s happened? These people did it this way, here was the result. They changed the way they were doing things. They had a shift away from the current way of doing things, the enemy of same, and repeating things that don’t succeed. There’s a new vision, there’s a new product and here we are, we’re going to prove it to you.


So that is the description of what Trevor wrote up here, it helped us with the way we’ve retooled our website. We can do that for your business as well. Specifically to bond levies though don’t do it the same way it’s been done in the past. Find a new way to do it. Talk to us. And we can take you through that. If it’s any other kind of marketing, because on bond levies, we use every single tool we have in our quiver, in our toolbox, in order to succeed.

So anything that you want to do with your company, any kind of marketing that you want to accomplish, we can get that done for you because we have a new way of doing things, a new vision, a new product, and the results that we can show you to prove that we can succeed.


About the Author Brian Prawitz, owner of BP Media Solutions.

Brian’s passion for customer service led to the creation and launch of BP Media Solutions in May of 2015. “Going the extra mile, providing face-to-face accountability, and exceeding goals are all things I live for.” Brian spent 25 years in radio as an award-winning news and sports announcer in Seattle, Missoula, Montana, and Roseburg, Oregon. He spent 18 months in the Marketing Department at Seven Feathers Casino Resort before BP Media Solutions was born.

Brian and his wife Jannie were empty nesters for about three months before welcoming all three of their grown daughters and one son-in-law home from various colleges in 2020. They love camping, theater, Disneyland, and (Brian loves) golf.

To connect with Brian: bp@gobpmedia.com

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