Everything we do as business owners comes down to time.

There is simply not enough time in a day for a business owner or organizational leader to accomplish everything that needs to get done. It’s also true that every action a leader takes needs to produce results in order for their organization to survive.

Experienced leaders find and hire people who know more about certain aspects of their business than they do. They need to be able to deliver for that leader.

BP Media Solutions started out with the idea that business owners needed to focus on their business, not spend valuable time on sifting through proposals from salespeople or decoding the latest analytics from a social media split-test.

Five years ago, BP Media Solutions offered script-writing, media purchasing, and Facebook and website management services with the idea that we could save business owners time.

Since then, our team and experience has grown, and our clients trust BP Media with all aspects of media creation and management. Businesses large and small, government bodies, school districts, and non-profits all use our services.

Currently they rely on our team to handle production and placement of their commercials, video production, YouTube Channel management, social media content creation, advertising, and profile management, consultation, budgeting, Facebook Live events, Google Adwords, retargeting, website creation and management, all aspects of design, fundraising, contests, and more.

Before you decide what you need, you need to know who you are trying to reach.

Take a tour of our services to see what we are doing for our clients – and then schedule some time to sit down with us to determine the right way to reach the audience you want.

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